In 9 years TNT Global Manufacturing has become the world leader in Zamak caps for the perfume industry.

25 tons of recycled Zamak in 2021

Top 13% of Corporate Social Responsibility.

1,350 tons of CO2 offset

Innovations refillable products




The “Bring Back Your Empty Packaging” Campaign





Partnership with CEDRE of the Nordechet Group, expert in recycling


The Zamak



Zamak, a zinc-based alloy, is a material that is not yet widely used in the perfumery industry.


  • This very resistant alloy is 100% reusable at the end of its life, with no loss of properties through recycling.
  • A virtue that makes it a first choice material for brands wishing to bring a more responsible profile to their packaging.
  • Moreover, being injectable metal, Zamak leaves room for the full artistic creativity of customers for their packaging.



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