Tailor made secondary and promotional packaging

Specialized in the secondary and promotional packaging, TNT Promo designs, produces and imports mainly for the industry of perfumes and cosmetics:
– Bags, purses
– Retails & Gifts boxes
– Textile & accessories.

Our partners from China, Europe and other areas of the world, are recognized for their level of requirement in terms of quality, respect of the environment and their expertise in the luxury sector.

Full compliance with the best practices in term of CSR :
– European sourcing: Lithuania, France, Italy and Turkey
– Best in class sourcing program for eco-friendly materials
– Social actions in Asia
– Integral compensation of CO2.

We enjoy a steady and trustworthy relationship with major names of the sector : LVMH, PUIG, Memo International, Sisley, La Colline, Cofinluxe, Lalique…
An exclusive and sustainable partnership in order to cope with your sophisticated promotional and packaging needs.

Murielle Frowein – Virginie Pellé,
VP Development – VP Sales

TNT Promo